Four Letter releases 12-26-17


Hello again!

I have been horribly neglectful of you, and I am very sorry!  But… I’m thrilled to let you know that the long-awaited story of our beloved Nonna (from Secondhand Purses) is about to be released! (WOO HOO)

Unlike Singleish, Secondhand Purses and Thirty Happens; Four Letters is best enjoyed if you’ve already read Secondhand Purses.  It fills the ‘gap’ that occurs in the middle of the book.  This is what Nonna does after Alex leaves.

I took a chance writing a book about an 80/90 year old woman, and it was a challenge to make her modern, yet age appropriate.  This book is a blend of genres…  it’s Chick-lit/Para/Rom-com (that is from my first beta reader).

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Pre-order Thirty Happens

Thirty Happens by @ElizabethButtsAuthor
Release date: August 30

Turning thirty is a big deal. Getting married is also a big deal. Karyn’s about to do both, and she’s freaking out about it.

From the outside looking in, anyone would think that she’s got it all going on. Amazing fiancé who adores her, job as the top reporter in town and a group of amazing friends. But Karyn had dreams as a kid. She had these amazing, huge goals. She was so close to achieving them, too.

However, as life has a tendency to do, it took a detour. And now she’s turning thirty and it turns out she is nowhere near where she thought she would be at this point in her life. Amidst turning thirty and getting married, she can’t help but ask herself the question:

‘If I could go back and change directions… would I?’

Would you?


Where in the World is Secondhand Purses?

Today I finished my first round of edits.

I hate editing. Like, seriously hate it.  Why do I hate it, you ask?  Thank you for asking!

I hate it because it highlights every single error you made writing!  UGH!  And it’s scary as heck because, OMG, what if you read your book and it’s garbage?

I’m proud to say I still like it.  (whew)  I made some changes.  I caught a TON of mistakes.

And the exciting thing is… Secondhand Purses has been sent out in the world to my three lovely beta readers.  Which means I’m totally on schedule.  SQUEEEEE!!!!

I can’t wait to release it to you!

Asking for help

So, I’m not good at it.  Not many people I know are.

But sometimes, it is necessary.

When I released Singleish in May, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Not. At. All.  I figured, you write a book, you publish it, and people want to read it, right?  WRONG!

I had the writing part handled, the cover handled, I’d created a website (here), I’d created an author page on Amazon, a Goodreads page, a Smashwords page.  I had a special author page on Facebook that I’m so much better at updating than my website (oops).  But I had no idea how to get the word out.

So this time around, I’m admitting it.  I need help.  I contacted Dedicated Ink Promotions and asked for help coming out with an idea for a publicity plan.  I told her I wanted to release Secondhand Purses (affectionately referred to in my head as SHP) around Christmas.

She advised against it.  I tried to argue my point, she stated that her experience has show web traffic is greatly reduced at Christmas time,and that if I actually wanted my book to sell (which I do), I should wait until the second week of January.

Here’s the thing about asking for help and advice…  it’s a good idea to take it if the person you are asking is more experienced than you.  So…I’m taking the advice.

Secondhand Purses will be completed the first week of December (well, first draft, anyway.  Then it’s the ‘fun’ of editing.).  You will get to see the promotional efforts as they unfold.  In the meantime, it’s time for me to stop blogging and get back to writing.

What a difference a cover makes

I’m sure there are set ways I should do things.  Like, I probably should plot my stories down, in a notebook, a timeline on my computer, sticky notes.  Something.

But because of the hours I’ve been pulling at my ‘normal’ job, I end up writing a bunch in my head and plotting things out that way.  Sometimes I’ll have an idea for something later in the book, so I spend time writing that, then save it so that I can use it later.

I probably shouldn’t pick a name before it’s written.  But Secondhand Purses came to me and I loved it so…well…there you go.

I definitely shouldn’t make the cover at the halfway point…but I did. HA!  And I freaking love it!  And it has pushed me to set a concrete deadline.  I would love to have it done by a week from Monday (November 30th, my husband and my oldest niece’s birthday) but my hard and fast deadline is December 7th.  I want this bad boy out by Christmas.

And that’s where I’m at.  This cover that I’m absolutely obsessed with has pushed me to set a deadline and I’ve been my writing my fingertips off because of it.

Thank you again, for your patience.  The wait is almost over.

Halfway point!

I am very excited to announce that I am (finally) at the halfway point of Secondhand Purses!

And because I love you, a little teaser 🙂

secondhand teaser

This is not a ‘sequel’ or a ‘prequel’ to Singleish, this focuses on one of Ashley’s friends from Singleish.  This is Alex’s story.

To find out what makes her the rough around the edges woman we love, we have to go back to the girl she used to be first.

I can’t wait to finish this story!