About Singleish

Singleish is my first book…ever.  I always wanted to be able to write a book, but never thought I had a story in me.

A little gentle nudging from my friend, Alex, and suddenly I wrote a page.  Then a second page.  I think it took a few weeks before I realized I would be able to do it.  I could write a book.

Singleish is meant to be fun and funny.  It is written like a woman thinks (which is usually fun and funny).

A little ‘blurb’ about Singleish:

It all starts with a man.  And a book.  Then the man feels like the book is more important than he is.  He says the ever painful words, “I’m done.”  With the help of her closest friends, and red wine, and ice cream; Ashley MacKillop steps outside of her comfort zone and starts embarking on ‘adventures’ that her friends pick for her.  She’s pretty sure that her friends must have a life insurance policy on her somewhere, or at some point in their friendship she did something really, really wrong.  Because nothing every goes as planned.  But that’s how life goes, isn’t it?  And although she’d be loath to admit it – she has a blast letting her crazy out.  What she finds out in the process is who she is, and that she doesn’t NEED a man to make her life full.  All she needs is friends, red wine, and cats.  Because what good, self-respecting terminally single woman doesn’t have cats?

Singleish will be coming to an e-book near you!


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