It takes a village…

It really does.

I have several awesome people ‘beta reading’ Singleish.  What is beta reading, you ask?  Well, beta reading is the process where people read your book before it gets published, and they let you know what works, what doesn’t what typeos you missed, little funky things that you didn’t pick up on.

If a beta reader finds a bunch of mistakes, does that mean an author is no good?  NO!  It means that you have an awesome beta reader and should make sure you keep him/her happy forever and ever because they are just that awesome!

Seriously, I am (and other authors are) too darned close to their work to see all of the mistakes.  Plus, our mind does this crazy “I know what that’s supposed to say, so that’s what I’m going to see” thing.  I could re-read ‘Singleish’ fifty times and still catch stuff!

My beautiful betas are in the process of getting their feedback to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Once I get their feedback in, I can make the final adjustments and get this book published in e-book format!

A HUGE thanks to A. E. Murphy (if you haven’t read her stuff yet, please do, she’s incredible), Rachel, Amy, Nikki, Mike, Dale and Andrea!  Disclaimer:  some of those are family… LOL!  Without you guys this book would not make sense!


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