What’s In A Name?

Seriously - naming characters should be easy, right?
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” ~Shakespeare

I’m new to this author stuff.  Really new…like, (obviously) not yet published, new.  So new that I have not yet updated my personal Facebook to reflect that I’m an author/writer, because I’m concerned that it’s an insult to real authors out there.  But I have found that there are things that writers/authors go through that I never thought about, until I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys).  Like names.  You never think of names as a big deal -well, I guess if you have a kid you do.

So, an author starts writing a book.  There’s got to be a lead.  So you start typing a name.  Until you realize that is your cousin’s name.  Can’t use that.  The next name is your sister’s.  Then it’s your best friend from fourth grade.  That won’t work.

Her love interest?  Well – in Singleish I initially named him Greg.  Until about halfway though when I realized that it was the same name as this kid who pretty much tormented me from seventh to ninth grade.  Control-F, Replace all Gregs to Craigs.

Should it matter?  Does it matter?  Well, probably not to the reader.  The reader doesn’t know that Greg is not an awesome guy in my past.  The reader will make Greg into who Greg is for them.  But, this is my baby.  So yeah – it matters.

I’m working on the next two books, while the final edits to Singleish are completed.  And here I am, once again, coming up with names.  And here I am, once again, discarding names.  LOL

When you are reading any author’s book, please, appreciate that they put a LOT of thought into the names of the characters!  It may seem like a silly little thing…but it’s a lot more of a challenge than you would think!

Happy reading, all!


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