Patience… it’s never been my best virtue…

I've never been a patient person...
I’ve never been a patient person…

Book written?  Check!
Sent out to beta readers?  Check!
Re-read at least twice and edits made?  Check!

I want to publish it.  Now.  I keep going to Smashwords ready to upload it so that it will (hopefully) be distributed to all the major booksellers.  I’m ready!

But…I’m having to be patient.  You see, my awesome betas are still working their magic.  It would be really stupid of me to send my book out when it hasn’t gone through the proper process.  It would be like having a child and sending it to school in the winter buck-naked.  I can’t send my baby out naked.

It’s killing me, though!  UGH!  People are asking when I’m going to publish, and all I can say is “May”.  You see, Singleish is an absolutely perfect beach read!  I can picture women in their 1930’s style bathing suits, floppy hats and ginormous sunglasses giggling with each other while reading about Ashley’s mis-adventures!  I can see it so well that my mind is having a really hard time processing that I can’t have that NOW!

Oh – did I mention that I am the youngest child?  No?  Yeah, well, I’m the youngest of 4 kids.  That may explain the impatience and the need for it to be ‘now’!  Think Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka…yeah, it’s like that! I Want it NOW!

Ah, well.  I have to wait.  I have to try to gain this elusive thing called ‘patience’ that has somehow evaded me for thirty seven years.  To take my mind off of it, I will continue work on ‘Second Hand Purses’.  What’s ‘Second Hand Purses’ you ask?  Why, thank you for asking!  It’s my second book!

Have a great day, everyone!


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