Pondering Publishing

How should I publish?

So, here’s the good news – a publishing company wants my book!  SQUEE!!!!

Here’s the concern: I could possibly make more money self-publishing.

The way any publishing company/contract works is, they keep a portion of the profits for what they put in.  That’s just real life.  The marketing, the editing, the formatting – it’s not for free.  With self-publishing, you try to get the editing correct with the help of awesome beta readers.  You market it solely yourself.  You keep more profits.

I think the question comes down to:  am I in this for the money.  Deep, right?  Self publish – more work, more profits.  Traditional/hybrid publishing – take on a team, less work, less profit.

Writing is not my sole income source.  I wouldn’t be able to do that…not nearly brave enough!  I’m writing books because I’ve always wanted to be able to.  What defines success to me in this regard?  Is it financial?  Or is it having a company listed next to ‘Published by’, as opposed to my name?

I’ve contacted several authors who have published under the hybrid company who is interested in me.  One was not thrilled with the experience, the other two were quite satisfied.  One of the things that someone told me was that this publishing company accepted everyone.  One of these authors stated that was incorrect, as they had sent five authors to the publishing company and only 2 made it.

Then there’s the thought of an actual printed book. People have asked for a signed copy.  My own ego makes me want a printed copy of my book to hold in my hand.  If I say yes to this publishing thing, I can get books.  Yes, I pretty much only read e-books now…  same as the rest of the world.  But there’s something really cool about the thought of MY book in MY hands!

What to do….what to do…


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