Thoughts on Authors…

Thoughts on AuthorsI went into this venture of writing a book thinking I would be on my own.  I imagined authors to be somewhat temperamental artists who hoarded their information and resources, who wouldn’t want to help a fledgling.  People who would not offer assistance and advice.

You know what they say about assumptions!

I have been blessed to have a true friend in A. E. Murphy.  Do I mention her a lot?  Yup!  Why? She kind of pushed me into writing a book.  She says she didn’t, but she did.  She’s given me a ton of advice, she’s been awesome.  Besides us being friends, she says she has given me advice because that’s what an established author did for her when she was starting out.

In researching Booktrope, the hybrid publisher who is interested in ‘Singleish’, I reached out to their authors.  Knowing that if someone is unhappy with a service they are more than happy to tell you, I figured I would get a TON of scathing reviews.  Out of five authors who were kind enough to write me back, only ONE had a problem with the company.  Those that wrote more contemporary style fiction had nothing but rave reviews.  These authors were kind to me, encouraging of my attempts to write books, and thrilled for me that my first book had caught a publisher’s eye.

Now a second publishing company has expressed early level interest!  Seriously?!  I have researched and found an author who has published both under Kensington Publishing and Booktrope, trying to find out which she preferred.  I have no doubts that she will reply and give me an honest assessment.

So my thoughts on authors?  Most of them seem to be really incredible people who no only love writing, but they love reading! And because they love reading, they want more books out there to read!  This has been nothing short of an interesting experience, and I’m glad that I decided to take a chance and write.

I know that you, dear reader, want ‘Singleish’ out sooner rather than later.  I will have it self-published soon.  I promise! I’d hoped it would be May 1…then I was hoping for today.  Who knows, maybe I’ll publish it without those last edits and just cross my fingers!  But, I really want to do this right!  Good things are worth waiting for, right?


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