And we are live…

SingleishWhile I was fast asleep last night, something crazy happened.  At exactly 12:00am, I became an author.  A published author.  OK, so I’m a self-published author, but I’m an author, nonetheless.

When I woke, the clouds parted, angels were singing and the Heavens trumpeted in all their glory for the publishing of my little book, Singleish.

Well, that didn’t really happen.  What happened was, the alarm clock next to my bed had the audacity to go off, yelling at me at the obscene hour of 3:45am (I have an hour drive to work, and in an effort to avoid Boston traffic I leave the house by 5:30am).  My dogs and cats and bunnies needed some love, food and hay (ok, only the bunnies needed the hay).  I had to make breakfast for myself and meals for the day.  I kissed my husband (several times).  I got ready for work.

What I’m trying to say is, that there is all this buildup.  All this “MAY 22ND IS RELEASE DAY!!!” and then… life doesn’t change.

Actually, as I was getting ready, I was mentally working on book 2 (October or November release).

Normal is good, though.  Normal means I won’t live or die by the reviews.  But I have to admit.  I want there to be sales.  I’d like to see it move up from it’s spot as:

 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #135,189 Paid in Kindle Store

But if it doesn’t, what will happen?

Nothing.  I will continue to go to work.  I will continue to workout at Fierce Fitness (heyyyy).  I will continue to be a wife to the most awesome of husbands, a mom to the best 4-legged kids ever, a daughter to the most loving parents, sister to some fantastic siblings, aunt to the most beautiful nieces, and friend to the most patient of friends.  My life continues.

But what does change, is that I can say that I’m an author.  That’s pretty darned cool!

Now please buy my book 🙂


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