Secondhand Purses…a new jouney

That is the tentative name for book 2.  For those of you who are reading and (hopefully) enjoying Singleish, this is Alex’s story.  It starts out in 2005, then about halfway will jump to 2015.  I’m still stuck in 2005, and only about 8,000 words in.

This book is going to start out by telling you how Alex became, well, Alex.  What things as a child shaped her to be the tough as nails, snarky, in your face b*tch who has a heart of gold.

Writing a book is an interesting thing.  The question I have been asked frequently is, “How do you come up with these stories?”  Truthful answer, “Darned if I know!”

Unfortunately, when I’m getting ready for work in the morning, I find my mind drifting to Alex and Leah (oh, spoiler, book three is about Leah, and OMG it is a little dark and twisty!).  So I’m there, brushing my teeth, and my mind is in Alex’s world.  I see images of what she’s going to experience.  I hear the conversations that she’s going to have in my head.  Sometimes I accidentally jump forward and seen a plot twist that will happen in about 10 years… and I’m there with my electric toothbrush buzzing away and I’m staring into the mirror, but not seeing anything but Alex, and Nick, and Nonna.  Oh, you don’t know Nick and Nonna?  Don’t worry – you will.  Hopefully in October. 🙂

So please enjoy Singleish if you are reading it.  Please download or order the paperback if you are not.  I also hope you are willing to leave a review.  But be prepared…  I’m not done writing yet.  It appears that I do have a second book in me after all!

Sneak Preview - Secondhand Purses


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