What it takes to get published (the author’s POV)

Writing a book…that’s the easy part!  I had no idea going in what it would take to have a book published. I figured it was almost impossible to be noticed.  But there are so so so many other intricate parts!

How the whole publishing thing goes is this:

1.  Write a query letter.  UGH – think hell.  This is where, in one page, you have to sell yourself and your book.  One. Page.  If you don’t do it right, they won’t read the three chapters you must submit.

2.  Write a synopsis.  DOUBLE UGH!  Harder than writing a book, not kidding.  Again, you have one page to write a full synopsis of your book, in third party, fully giving away the ending.  This will let the person on the other end decide if the concept is worth their time and money.  If they’ve read this, your query letter passed.  If they don’t like this, they won’t read the three chapters you must submit.

3.  Send 3 chapters (or first 10,000 words, or first 5,000 words…whatever the submission guidelines request).  Obviously, if the publisher’s ‘people’ have read your three chapters, your query letter was good, and your synopsis held their interest.  Now, you have to keep them interested with your actual writing.  Oh…and by the way…this is not like an online order where you can see what step you are on.  You’ll either hear from them…or you won’t.

4.  Get an email (hopefully) telling you that they liked the first three chapters, would you be so kind as to send the full manuscript!  Oh – but it will be the editor’s assistant who reads it first.  So now, this is one more hurdle.  Hopefully, this person will like it.  A lot.

5. OMG don’t break out the bubbly yet.  But smile, jump up and down, do a cartwheel (in your head).  Your manuscript made it to the person who makes the final decision!!!

And then…the real work begins!  They may want to change the name.  They may want to change content.  There may be a ton of changes.  Your feelings may get hurt.

So is it worth it?  Yeah…I think it just might be 🙂


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