Where stories happen

I have been crazy busy with life lately, but while I’ve been busy, I’ve been writing in my mind. Maybe you think that sounds crazy, but it works for me.

I found out with Singleish that as much a writer may THINK they know their story, a book starts to write itself.  Yes, my fingers are flying on the keyboard, but the direction I think a book will take sometimes doesn’t happen.

So when I’m not able to sit for a couple hours and type, I think about the story, the characters, and what happens next.  I write in my head.

I am on vacation from work this week, and had an idea of what that would mean: endless writing.  However, I had to do some work from home on my vacation, we had solar panels installed, I had to seal our deck, I had to pain our front light fixtures’ mounts, I had to volunteer at the cat shelter..  and, and, and.  This morning, as I was sealing the deck, I pondered Alex.  And Nonna.  Oh, you don’t know Nonna, do you?  You’re going to love her.  She’s awesome!

Anyway, the words are flying from my fingers now, as I’ve added an additional 2,000 words to Secondhand Purses.  I would like to be finished by the end of September, but am not giving myself a concrete timeline because the truth of the matter is, I want this to be great for you!

Until next time, I need to go disappear with Alex and Nonna.


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