Back in the saddle…figuratively

I have been neglectful of you.  I am so sorry.  If you see me in the streets, you are more than welcome to administer the beatings.

I promise, I have good reason!  You see, a personnel change at work has resulted in 3x the responsibility for me.  So, I’ve been pulling 10-12 hour days, every day.

I know, I know.  Excuses.  Always excuses.

My goal for Secondhand Purses was a September delivery.  Um, yeah. No.  It’s October.  OOPS!  My new goal, Christmas time.

I am going to push to get the time to write.  I owe it to me.  I owe it to you.  This WILL happen.  So here I am, on a Saturday.  I have HGTV in the background (I work better when not in complete silence), and although I have a garden that needs pulling up, I’m typing.

This will happen people.  Please, keep being patient with me!!

Much loves, always!


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