What a difference a cover makes

I’m sure there are set ways I should do things.  Like, I probably should plot my stories down, in a notebook, a timeline on my computer, sticky notes.  Something.

But because of the hours I’ve been pulling at my ‘normal’ job, I end up writing a bunch in my head and plotting things out that way.  Sometimes I’ll have an idea for something later in the book, so I spend time writing that, then save it so that I can use it later.

I probably shouldn’t pick a name before it’s written.  But Secondhand Purses came to me and I loved it so…well…there you go.

I definitely shouldn’t make the cover at the halfway point…but I did. HA!  And I freaking love it!  And it has pushed me to set a concrete deadline.  I would love to have it done by a week from Monday (November 30th, my husband and my oldest niece’s birthday) but my hard and fast deadline is December 7th.  I want this bad boy out by Christmas.

And that’s where I’m at.  This cover that I’m absolutely obsessed with has pushed me to set a deadline and I’ve been my writing my fingertips off because of it.

Thank you again, for your patience.  The wait is almost over.


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