Thoughts on Insecurity

Perhaps, maybe, I’m just not good enough.

There, I said it.

I don’t think I’m the only fledgling writer in the universe who has ever second guessed her talent, her ability, or whatever the heck you call someone’s ability to type works on a laptop and create a story.

My spirit soars when someone says my work is fun, funny.  Someone said that Singleish had the best ending they’d ever read.  Seriously, you have NO IDEA how freaking good that felt.  I submitted Singleish for an independent review and got an amazing five star review that blew my socks off.  Literally.  I am now barefoot! Perhaps I exaggerate…perhaps not.

Then, in my downtime, I read.  I read works by people whose talent is far superior to mine (like my good friend, A. E. Murphy).  I am absorbed into the lives of characters who are incredible and dynamic and the tendrils of self doubt creep into my mind.  What if I’m just not good enough?  What if Singleish was a one time deal? What if, in my attempt to dig deeper with Secondhand Purses, I’m trying too hard and I lose what people loved about Singleish.

What if I have the dreaded…dare I say it…sophomore slump.  UGH.

I need to get out of my head.  Time to put words on a page.


Back in the saddle…figuratively

I have been neglectful of you.  I am so sorry.  If you see me in the streets, you are more than welcome to administer the beatings.

I promise, I have good reason!  You see, a personnel change at work has resulted in 3x the responsibility for me.  So, I’ve been pulling 10-12 hour days, every day.

I know, I know.  Excuses.  Always excuses.

My goal for Secondhand Purses was a September delivery.  Um, yeah. No.  It’s October.  OOPS!  My new goal, Christmas time.

I am going to push to get the time to write.  I owe it to me.  I owe it to you.  This WILL happen.  So here I am, on a Saturday.  I have HGTV in the background (I work better when not in complete silence), and although I have a garden that needs pulling up, I’m typing.

This will happen people.  Please, keep being patient with me!!

Much loves, always!

Where stories happen

I have been crazy busy with life lately, but while I’ve been busy, I’ve been writing in my mind. Maybe you think that sounds crazy, but it works for me.

I found out with Singleish that as much a writer may THINK they know their story, a book starts to write itself.  Yes, my fingers are flying on the keyboard, but the direction I think a book will take sometimes doesn’t happen.

So when I’m not able to sit for a couple hours and type, I think about the story, the characters, and what happens next.  I write in my head.

I am on vacation from work this week, and had an idea of what that would mean: endless writing.  However, I had to do some work from home on my vacation, we had solar panels installed, I had to seal our deck, I had to pain our front light fixtures’ mounts, I had to volunteer at the cat shelter..  and, and, and.  This morning, as I was sealing the deck, I pondered Alex.  And Nonna.  Oh, you don’t know Nonna, do you?  You’re going to love her.  She’s awesome!

Anyway, the words are flying from my fingers now, as I’ve added an additional 2,000 words to Secondhand Purses.  I would like to be finished by the end of September, but am not giving myself a concrete timeline because the truth of the matter is, I want this to be great for you!

Until next time, I need to go disappear with Alex and Nonna.

Slow Going Because Life Happens

If you are reading this, you are either someone who has found out about Singleish through a friend (and if that is the case I am eternally grateful!) or an existing friend or family member.  Oh – totally grateful for you, as well 🙂

So here’s the deal – life gets busy.  I know, you have probably figured that out in your life, too!

I work probably about 50+ hours a week at my ‘real’ job, plus my hour commute each way.  I then spend anywhere from 2-3 hours at this fabulous fitness studio I go to in East Wareham, MA (shout out to Fierce Fitness and the lovelies there).  So when I get home, what happens?  I make a tofu stirfry and collapse.  Oh – shower first, then tofu, then collapse. (no, I’m not a vegetarian, I’m just really, really lazy).

When does a person find time to write?   I was asked that question.  I find snippets of time here and there.  Also – as much as I don’t recommend it – I write in my head.  I haven’t had a spare moment to put words onto paper (or laptop) in over a week.  However, I’ve been working out plot and dialogue in my head.  So far, short term memory loss has not hit me, so I’m good.

I’m trying not to be frustrated that Secondhand Purses is taking longer to write than Singleish.  I think I’ve addressed my issues with patience in previous posts.  HA!  However, I want Secondhand to be even better.  I’m proud of Singleish.  But I’m trying to delve more into emotions, back stories, what makes a person who they are.  I want Secondhand to be longer than Singlish, but I’m not willing to sacrifice a storyline in order to get a higher word count.

I just have to allow the process to happen.  🙂  In the meantime, as you are chomping at the bit to find out more about what happens ..  here’s an early, un-edited bit from Secondhand Purses:

He leapt forward to continue his assault on my poor, ticklish body and knocked me off balance. As I fell backwards, his momentum made it so that he couldn’t stop himself and he collapsed on top of me. Oh. My. God.

I opened my eyes to see that he was holding himself up by his arms, but from his waist down, everything was pressed against me. My mouth went dust dry. This was the closest I had ever been to anyone of the male species outside of my dreams, and I was acutely aware of everything about him. He was staring at me intently, as if trying to figure out some sort of a puzzle. I bit my lip and his eyes immediately shifted to watch, and they started darkening, as he slowly ran his tongue over his lips. His hair had flopped in front of his eyes again, and without thinking, I reached out to push it back.

That movement seemed to break his trance, and he jerked back just a tiny bit. He grabbed my hand before it reached his hair and held it while looking at me. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, but that was probably only about ten seconds ago.

There was a rustling coming from behind us. We burst into motion, with him jumping up to his feet in a beautifully fluid motion. He reached for me and pulled me up. However, I had pushed with my legs so between the two I found myself slammed up against his chest. His arms instinctively wrapped around me. I felt his breath in my ear as he whispered, “We must stop meeting this way.” I let out a shaky laugh. What the hell was wrong with me?

We stepped apart, still staring at each other as Nonna rounded the corner. I turned to face her, trying to act as unaffected as possible, not wanting her to know that an almost something had just happened.

What it takes to get published (the author’s POV)

Writing a book…that’s the easy part!  I had no idea going in what it would take to have a book published. I figured it was almost impossible to be noticed.  But there are so so so many other intricate parts!

How the whole publishing thing goes is this:

1.  Write a query letter.  UGH – think hell.  This is where, in one page, you have to sell yourself and your book.  One. Page.  If you don’t do it right, they won’t read the three chapters you must submit.

2.  Write a synopsis.  DOUBLE UGH!  Harder than writing a book, not kidding.  Again, you have one page to write a full synopsis of your book, in third party, fully giving away the ending.  This will let the person on the other end decide if the concept is worth their time and money.  If they’ve read this, your query letter passed.  If they don’t like this, they won’t read the three chapters you must submit.

3.  Send 3 chapters (or first 10,000 words, or first 5,000 words…whatever the submission guidelines request).  Obviously, if the publisher’s ‘people’ have read your three chapters, your query letter was good, and your synopsis held their interest.  Now, you have to keep them interested with your actual writing.  Oh…and by the way…this is not like an online order where you can see what step you are on.  You’ll either hear from them…or you won’t.

4.  Get an email (hopefully) telling you that they liked the first three chapters, would you be so kind as to send the full manuscript!  Oh – but it will be the editor’s assistant who reads it first.  So now, this is one more hurdle.  Hopefully, this person will like it.  A lot.

5. OMG don’t break out the bubbly yet.  But smile, jump up and down, do a cartwheel (in your head).  Your manuscript made it to the person who makes the final decision!!!

And then…the real work begins!  They may want to change the name.  They may want to change content.  There may be a ton of changes.  Your feelings may get hurt.

So is it worth it?  Yeah…I think it just might be 🙂

Please Review!

So, a few of you have already read Singleish – I know it’s a quick read, so I’m assuming that you have finished it.

I have one small favor of you – please post a review!  Reviews help other potential readers find my book!  An unrated book may go nowhere in this world, like a poor, lost book soul.  So sad.

Please don’t let that happen to Singleish!

If you got it from Amazon, please review there.  If you got it through Goodreads, please post your review there.  Or do both…both rocks.  I’m a fan of both.

Thank you!

Secondhand Purses…a new jouney

That is the tentative name for book 2.  For those of you who are reading and (hopefully) enjoying Singleish, this is Alex’s story.  It starts out in 2005, then about halfway will jump to 2015.  I’m still stuck in 2005, and only about 8,000 words in.

This book is going to start out by telling you how Alex became, well, Alex.  What things as a child shaped her to be the tough as nails, snarky, in your face b*tch who has a heart of gold.

Writing a book is an interesting thing.  The question I have been asked frequently is, “How do you come up with these stories?”  Truthful answer, “Darned if I know!”

Unfortunately, when I’m getting ready for work in the morning, I find my mind drifting to Alex and Leah (oh, spoiler, book three is about Leah, and OMG it is a little dark and twisty!).  So I’m there, brushing my teeth, and my mind is in Alex’s world.  I see images of what she’s going to experience.  I hear the conversations that she’s going to have in my head.  Sometimes I accidentally jump forward and seen a plot twist that will happen in about 10 years… and I’m there with my electric toothbrush buzzing away and I’m staring into the mirror, but not seeing anything but Alex, and Nick, and Nonna.  Oh, you don’t know Nick and Nonna?  Don’t worry – you will.  Hopefully in October. 🙂

So please enjoy Singleish if you are reading it.  Please download or order the paperback if you are not.  I also hope you are willing to leave a review.  But be prepared…  I’m not done writing yet.  It appears that I do have a second book in me after all!

Sneak Preview - Secondhand Purses